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    2017 CPSE | Anni Digital "Smart + Security" leads

          On oct.29th morning, the opening ceremony of the 16th CPSE(China Public Security Expo) which is the largest security fair in the world was held in Shenzhen, 1100 companies from 53 different countries all over the world attended this event. As a leader of security products and solution provider, ShenZhen Anni Digital Technology Co., Ltd under the Xiamen Xindeco launched its new products echoed with the topic of "Smart + Security" (Booth no. 1C21)

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          Anni Digital has been attaching great importance to R&D and producing security products for more than 10 years, its products are wildly applied in more than 100 countries and areas. With full enthusiasm and expertise, Anni Digital team showcased the product appearance and its content, and demonstrated the brand charm and R&D strength via its innovative products and professional service. 

    "Black technologies" under the spotlight received waves of kudos

    Since establishment, the development concept, leading technology,and trustworthy quality have availed Anni Digital recognition from home and abroad. The first day of fair, Anni Digital booth was crowded with visitors, bustling and busy, which vividly reflected the charm of Anni Digital and its inviting products . 


    Highlight 1: LoT FRID new form of retail industry

    Took this opportunity, Anni Digital brought the comprehensive smart retail store solution to the audience. The fast receiving and delivering, efficient stock-checking, intelligent targeting and smart fitting mirror were great tool for audience to experience the convenience of FRID technology. Experience-based and convenient purchasing mode is the retail industry trend as well as the sure path to new retail.



    Highlight 2: Smart Home products series

    The most distinctive feature of the smart lock is that it's not just an isolate hardware device, but an inclusive home security solution. When the owner leaves home, and set the out mode, the smart lock will send notifications to the owner's phone and alarm the latent risk when detecting something suspicious; when back home, adjust to in mode, the lock will shut down the security system.

    The lock can be counter locked and also compatible with 95% doors in the market. Fingerprint, password, card swiping, physical key and APP remote control are supported to unlock the door. The aluminum alloy materials can resist shocking, corrosion, severe heat and cold. The battery life is about 6000 using times, and the alarm system still work even in low battery volume.  


    The smart door bell, microphone and speaker inserted, two-way audio input and output supported, is equipped with human detection and smart anti- lockpicking functions. The 180°angle lens and night vision make it possible to leave no blind pot, and to eliminate latent threatens. The PIR detection enable the smart door bell to capture suspicious people, and push notifications and alarms to your phone with which you can use video or audio to communicate remotely, the video will be uploaded to the cloud storage for easy downloading and sharing. 



    Highlight 3: Face recognition technology

    Face recognition is mainly used in complicated areas, the technician in Anni Digital said, this technology is mainly for the security control in bus station, railway station, airport, port, entertainment areas, street, important communities, other public areas and their entrances and exits.

    Face recognition security system is a fast and contactless system that can searching for targets automatically and inform the security guards to take actions. Especially with the starlight and deep learning technology, the camera can clearly recognize 120 faces per second, even in darkness. 


    Highlight 4 : new product launching 

    Security combo, integrated with PIR detection alarm, gas detection alarm, noise alarm functions, is designed for household and small family use. The traditional DVR combo only support post-checking, while Anni Digital combo can automatically trigger alarms when detecting suspicious movements, gas and people.  


    720°panoramic camera, based on real scenery, is a new way of shooting and recording images and videos. With double fisheye lens, 4 million pixel and digital wide dynamic, shooting angel of the camera is horizontal 360°and vertical 360°. This camera is also equipped with 3D noise cancellation technology, and the small size design make it easy to hold and operate with one hand. The matching APP allows you to check and control remotely.


    New technology, new plan, "Smart + Security" win audience's heart

    Sticking to the trend of "Smart + Security", Anni Digital launched a series of new products including front end checking, middle end transmission, backend management which perfectly fulfill the needs and satisfaction from different industries and from media. We will see you next year !

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