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    Q: How to quickly connect the new machine and preview pictures?
    A: Please read IP Camera Quick User Guide before using the equipment

    Q: Why the searching tool for opening the IP Camera cannot search the equipment IP?
    A: Reason 1: the IP Camera is not connected with the power supply or does not use the power adaptor meeting the standard;
       Solution: supply power to the equipment by using the standard power adaptor of the IP Camera, check whether the power indicator lamp (PWR) of the equipment is lighted, and whether the equipment running light (RUN) is flashed normally.
      Reason 2: the network wire is bad or the network wire is too long;
      Solution: manufacture the cable again, wherein the length of single network cable shall not exceed 80 meters; try to use the more than five types or six types of shield network cables with good quality; after connecting the network cable, please check whether the network connection indicator lamp is lighted.
      Reason 3: the computer firewall stops the searching tool;
      Solution: before opening up the searching tool, please try to close the firewall of the computer temporarily; after normally connecting the equipment, open up the firewall of the computer.
     Reason 4: Other reasons
      Solution: press the Reset key of the equipment under the charging state for about 5 seconds and set free after the network light is turned off, thus the equipment will be restored to the ex-factory default parameter. The equipment default ex-factory IP address is,

    Q: Why the picture is dim or has color cast after connecting the picture?
    A: Reason 1: the lens is dirt, and the lens hasn’t adjusted the focal length well or the used lens is not accordance with the IP Camera;
      Solution: clean the lens carefully by using a professional lens cloth, re-adjust the focal length of the lens; please use the megapixel lens if it is the megapixel IP Camera with.
    Reason 2: the brightness, contrast ratio, definition and color parameter are not well adjusted;
      Solution: fine adjust the brightness, contrast ratio, definition and color parameter again according to the specific installing environment.

    Q: Why the IP camera cannot be accessed through internet?
    A: Reason 1: there is no access environment of internet or no access right.
       Solution: please install the internet access environment in advance, e.g. open up the ADSL network or fixed IP address of internet; if there is no network access right, please contact with the network administrator to open up the relevant access right.
      Reason 2: there is not well set network parameter, port mapping and DDNS;
      Solution: the correctly set network parameter of the IP Camera includes IP address, subnet mask, gateway, DNS and network access port so as to ensure that your equipment network address can be normally connected with the internet; normally configure the port mapping, apply and configure correct DDNS domain name.

    Q: Why the video image is not smooth or has big delay when the IP Camera is accessed through internet?
    A: Reason: the network bandwidth for uploading or downloading is not enough;
    Solution: optimize or promote the uploading bandwidth of the IP Camera access and improve the downloading bandwidth of the access port network; reduce the coding rate and frame rate of IP Camera.

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